ViVest AED Provides Safety Assurance for Two Marathons!


After the pandemic, marathon events have been emerging like spring shoots all over the world. Marathon, as a high-intensity, high-exertion sport, poses a significant challenge to participants' bodies. According to relevant research data, the risk of cardiovascular events during a marathon increases sevenfold. Furthermore, according to statistics from the UK media, the probability of sudden death among marathon participants is 0.8 per 100,000 people, making safety measures for such events even more crucial.

On March 18, ViVest Medical provided support for two marathons on the same day, ensuring the smooth completion of both events.

ViVest Teams Up with the Optoelectronic Rescue Team to 'Run Alongside' and Support the 2023 Dianshan Lake Chasing the Sun Half Marathon

On March 18, thousands of runners gathered at Dianshan Lake, heralding the beginning of spring in Jiangnan through running. ViVest joined hands with the professional event support team in China, the Optoelectronic Rescue Team, to provide comprehensive medical and emergency support services before and during the race.

Comprehensive Professional Pre-Race Training for a Safer Course

Before the race, the Optoelectronic Rescue Team organized emergency rescue volunteer training for the marathon and conducted practical simulations using ViVest AED training devices, practicing the full process of rescuing sudden cardiac arrest patients.

Comprehensive Race Support and Rescue for a Peace of Mind for Runners

To ensure the safety of participants' lives, the organizers set up dozens of medical stations, including more than 60 volunteers, including 120 emergency ambulance medical personnel and emergency response team members, who were flexibly deployed throughout the racecourse based on scientific planning to ensure immediate rescue in critical situations. ViVest provided 41 AEDs for this event, and their lightweight and portable design ensured the flexibility of rescue operations.

Drone AED Makes Its Marathon Debut: Weiwesi Supports the Meishan Dongpo Marathon in Sichuan"

On the same day, the 2023 Meishan Dongpo Half Marathon and the National Half Marathon Championships (Dongpo Station) also kicked off. More than 15,000 runners from various countries, including Kenya and Ethiopia, and 26 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions across China, pursued their dreams. The event was broadcasted live on CCTV5, and ViVest served as the AED event support provider, safeguarding the participants throughout the race.


ViVest AED in Action, Erecting a Solid Safety Barrier for Participants

The Meishan Half Marathon event's security system underwent a comprehensive upgrade, with 51 medical stations (points) scientifically positioned and 50 rescue vehicles seamlessly connected to 33 fixed medical points, ensuring flexibility and efficiency. ViVest Medical deployed several PowerBeat X series AEDs to provide comprehensive support throughout the race, ensuring efficient treatment and the safety of participants' lives.

Drone AED Makes Its Marathon Debut - A Glimpse into the Future of 'Land-Air' Safety Barriers"

ViVest's drone AED, with a total weight of less than 4kg and unfolded wings measuring less than 80cm, can easily handle various complex spatial environments during flight and landing without the need for flight approval. It can fly 15 meters in 1 second, delivering the AED to the rescuer's hands more quickly to save lives, making it ideal for marathon event support needs.


In the future, ViVest will continue to support major events across the country, spread and popularize first aid knowledge to more people, and provide safe and effective support for more dream chasers, allowing everyone to enjoy the infinite fun of competitive sports without worries.