ViVest AED Safely Escorts the 2023 Golden Rooster Marathon!


After much anticipation, the 2023 Golden Rooster Lake Marathon has made a triumphant return. Early in the morning of March 12th, over 30,000 enthusiastic runners gathered at the shores of Golden Rooster Lake, pouring their sweat for the love of running. Despite the continuous spring rain, their passion remained undiminished.


ViVest Medical, as the official service partner for this year's Golden Rooster Marathon, provided exclusive AED emergency support along the route, equipping it with dozens of AED devices to ensure the safety of the runners throughout the race.


ViVest AED Provides Support for the Golden Rooster Lake Marathon

In the post-pandemic era, many runners have only recently started returning to running and training after a long recovery period. Hosting such a grand marathon event after the pandemic presents unknown and significant challenges to their physical and cardiovascular endurance.

To provide comprehensive safety assurance for the runners, the race set up 21 medical aid stations, arranged AED/CPR medical rescue personnel, and deployed 75 emergency runners at different pacing levels along the racecourse to monitor the physical condition of the runners around them. In addition, there was at least one volunteer stationed approximately every 100 meters to respond to various unexpected situations.



Throughout this event's security measures, the presence of the security teams was evident and even became a striking part of the scenery. They carried the ViVest PowerBeat X series AEDs every step of the way. The lightweight and portable design of the AED, weighing only 1.5kg, allowed the emergency team members to move freely, providing robust support for rescue operations.


Fortunately, this year's Golden Rooster Marathon did not require the use of our AEDs, which is a cause for celebration. "Never use it, but never be without it" has always been our hope. However, in the event of a critical emergency, we hope to be by the patient's side within the crucial 4 minutes, fighting to save lives and protect the healthy rhythm of every heart.

As the 2023 Golden Rooster Marathon concludes, runners celebrate their achievements. The end of this journey marks the beginning of the next, and ViVest Medical is always there, safeguarding lives along the way!