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ViVest AED animal experiment goal was successfully achieved

2021 - 4 - 9 

From 3.1 to 3.12, 2021, VVS Medical concluded the two-week AED control experiment in the Animal Laboratory of Soochow University. The test subjects were Taihu Pigs. The control experiment used ViVest Medical and Philips Medical AED defibrillators. The models are PowerBeat X3 and PHILIPS FRX.

The purpose of the experiment is to induce tremor on the piglets on the experimental platform (disrupt the heart rhythm of the piglets through electric current, triggering ventricular fibrillation), then use two AEDs to defibrillate their respective experimental subjects, and record the performance of the two machines and experimental results.

Compared with Philips' AED products, which are already very mature in technology and market, the experimental data and effects of ViVest PowerBeat X3 show that our products have the same excellent defibrillation function, and even have more advantages in some aspects.


The future AED market needs more excellent products made in China, and we are focusing on this.